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Double The Musical Majesty!

Who wants a double helping of great Rock music?

FM - Back In The Saddle DVD

We have Jimi Jamison's and Strangeways sets from the legendary Firefest 2011 available for you to watch and download (for free) on Thursday 27th October. These will be up on our video page at 6pm (UK time)

Jimi Jamison Playlist

1) Desperate Dreams

2) Chasing Euphoria

3) A Dream Too Far

4) Blood On Your Money

5) Rebel Son

6) Didn't Know It Was Love

7) I'm Always Here

Strangeways Playlist

We hope that you will enjoy them both.

If you are here early, have a look at our shop and treat yourself to one of the excellent albums, CDs or DVDs we have to sell. All at prices cheaper than Amazon and other stores!


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