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TEN Vinyl Added To The Store

We have added two vinyl editions of TEN's superb album 'Albion' to our store for you to buy. Check it out below.

TEN - Albion

Both are limited editions with the first being a red vinyl edition with extras. This superb edition costs £19.99 (plus P&P)

For just £15.99 you can also purchase a stunning black vinyl edition. This again comes with the same extras as the red vinyl.

The extras are as follows:

  1. Eight A5 full-colour postcards, 7 solo shots of all the band members, and one full band shot. Each solo shot will be PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED by that band member.

  2. A full-colour 22x22 inch poster of the amazing Gaetano Di Falco ‘Albion’ cover.

  3. Two full-colour stickers: one of the album cover (10x10cm) and one of the Ten logo (10x8cm)

  4. A highly detailed Ten guitar pick

  5. Full-colour inner album sleeves with lyrics.


Come and have a look at these, and many more DVDs to buy in our store, some are rare, but all will enhance your collection!

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